how to use hand pallet truck

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How to Use Hand Pallet Truck

Pallet jacks are essential material handling tools that can help you move pallets around your warehouse or factory with ease. One of the most popular types of pallet jacks is the hand pallet truck, which is manually operated and can be used to move pallets to and from trucks, storage racks, and other locations.

If you are new to the world of pallet jacks, it's important to learn how to use a hand pallet truck properly. In this article, we'll provide a step-by-step guide on how to use a hand pallet truck along with some tips and tricks to make your job easier.

Inspect Your Hand Pallet Truck

Before you start using your hand pallet truck, it's important to do a quick visual inspection to ensure that it's in good working condition. Check the wheels, the forks, the handle, and the hydraulic system to make sure there are no visible signs of damage.

If you notice any damage, you should not use the pallet jack until it has been repaired or replaced. Using a damaged pallet jack can be dangerous and can cause damage to your products or property.

Get Familiar with the Controls

Most hand pallet trucks are fairly easy to operate, but it's still important to get familiar with the controls before you start using the pallet jack. The controls typically include:

- The handle: This is used to steer the pallet jack and pump the hydraulic system.

- The release valve: This is used to lower the forks.

- The brake lever: This is used to apply the brakes and lock the pallet jack in place.

Make sure you know where these controls are located and how to use them before you start moving pallets.

Lift the Pallet

To lift a pallet, position the forks of the pallet jack under the pallet so they are centered and lined up with the pallet's stringers. Make sure the pallet is level and evenly distributed on the forks.

Once the forks are in position, pump the handle up and down to raise the pallet off the ground. Keep pumping until the pallet is high enough to clear any obstacles in its path.

Move the Pallet

Once the pallet is lifted, you can start moving it to its intended destination. Use the handle to steer the pallet jack and make sure you have a clear path ahead of you.

When moving the pallet, it's important to always keep the load balanced and centered on the forks. If the load shifts or becomes unbalanced, it can cause the pallet jack to tip over or the load to fall off.

Lower the Pallet

When you reach your destination, it's time to lower the pallet. To do this, locate the release valve and slowly turn it counterclockwise to release the hydraulic pressure. This will lower the forks and allow the pallet to rest on the ground.

Make sure you lower the pallet completely before removing the forks from underneath it. If you try to pull the forks out before the pallet is fully rested on the ground, you could damage the pallet or the pallet jack.


Using a hand pallet truck is a simple process, but it's important to do it correctly to prevent damage to your products or property. By following these steps and taking the time to inspect your pallet jack before use, you can ensure that your pallet moving tasks proceed safely and efficiently.

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