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Electric pallet jacks are a key tool for warehouse workers, manufacturers, and logistics specialists. They’re designed to make moving heavy loads from one location to another more efficient and safer, with features like powered lifting and maneuverability. That’s why electric pallet jacks are increasingly in demand across industries, as businesses of all kinds recognize their significant advantages in labor savings and potential for risk reduction. But one question people may ask is, ‘How much does an electric pallet jack cost?’

In this article, we’ll explore the costs associated with electric pallet jacks and examine some key factors that can influence whether an electric pallet jack is a good investment for your business. We’ll begin by discussing the basics of electric pallet jacks and how they differ from manual ones, then move on to considering the price range of these machines, and finally, examine some factors you’ll need to take into account before making a decision.

What Is an Electric Pallet Jack?

An electric pallet jack is a motorized material handling machine that can lift and move relatively heavy loads, typically between 4,000 and 5,500 pounds, with ease. Unlike manual pallet jacks, which a worker moves by pulling a lever, an electric pallet jack is powered by a rechargeable battery. These machines come with joysticks or other controls to enable them to lift and lower, move forward and backward, and turn when required.

Electric pallet jacks feature a broad array of innovations over their manual counterparts. The powered lift mechanism means that a worker won’t need to use as much physical force, reducing the risk of fatigue or injury. Moreover, the electric motor also enables faster and smoother movement, leading to potential increases in productivity. The ability of electric pallet jacks to turn on a dime and move around tight corners also makes them more maneuverable in tight spaces.

How Much Does an Electric Pallet Jack Cost?

The price of electric pallet jacks can vary widely according to the specific machine model, the manufacturer, and the accessories chosen. On average, an entry-level electric pallet jack can cost around $2,500 to $3,500, while larger, high-capacity models can cost upwards of $10,000. It's crucial to note that these are ballpark estimates; pricing can vary widely based on the features of the machine you're looking for.

Five Factors that Influence the Cost of an Electric Pallet Jack

A wide variety of factors can influence the cost of electric pallet jacks. Here are five key considerations that will most likely have an impact on the cost of these machines:

Factor 1 – Capacity

One of the biggest price factors for an electric pallet jack is the lift capacity of the machine. You'll need to determine the amount of weight you need to carry, on average, before selecting the machine you will be purchasing. Prices increase significantly with an increase in lift capacity.

Factor 2 – Brand

Since electric pallet jacks are produced by many different companies, the brand you select will have a bearing on the price. Some of the more popular brands tend to cost more than others, but you often get what you pay for with quality and reliability.

Factor 3 – Model Features

As with most machinery, the more features an electric pallet jack has, the more costly it may be. Common features include built-in scale systems, longer forks, cold storage capabilities, and anti-fatigue technology.

Factor 4 – Battery Capacity

Battery capacity is another factor that will affect the cost of an electric pallet jack. Most machines will require a rechargeable battery, and while the cost of the battery is typically included in the price, a larger capacity battery may incur an additional cost.

Factor 5 – Maintenance and Repair Costs

Finally, it will be important to consider any associated upkeep and maintenance costs. Routine maintenance is necessary for any machinery, and it's essential to factor in the cost for repairs or maintenance for the life of the machine if it is to remain in service for a significant period.


Overall, electric pallet jacks offer significant benefits to businesses, reducing the risk of injury, and saving time. Although the cost can be significant, an electric pallet jack’s long-term advantages justify the expense. By considering factors like capacity, the brand of the machine, available features, battery capacity, and maintenance expenses, you can make a cost-effective decision for your company. By choosing the right machine, you'll not only save time and money in the long run, but also reduce the risk of injury and improve productivity in your warehouse or manufacturing environment.


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